A little Kahoot!,
a little Socrative,
a lot ARSnova!

arsnova.click is an innovative Audience-Response-System (ARS) for public educational institutions.

Inspired by Kahoot! and Socrative developed by computer science students of THM the gamified alternative to the flagship ARSnova.


  • Absolute data privacy: No personal files on the server. All quiz data is located at the HTML5 Local Storage of the quiz owner.
  • No registration, no installation, no costs at all
  • Same landing page for both roles: quiz master and player
  • Anyone can create quizzes: immediately and as much as you like!
  • Accessible and for projectors optimized user interface
  • TeX-Formulas and text formatting with Markdown in questions and answer options
  • One dialog fits everything: As many answer options you like with multiple choice, single choice and surveys.
  • ABC...-Quizzes can be created by entering ABC... as the quiz name with one click. The number of consecutive letters determines the answer options.
  • Edutainment: Have fun during learning with a live competition against the clock and the other players with sound effects.
  • Bonus option: The top players receive »tokens«, which they can redeem for bonus points by emailing the teacher.
  • Responsive Web design: Whether smartphone, beamer or wide screen, the design scales. Even complex quizzes can be created on the smartphone.
  • Built as Progressive Web App in reactive web technology
  • Open Source Software

User Manual?

There's no need for that!

Just type in the name of the quiz. The buttons will be activated as soon as you either enter the name of an unlocked quiz: »Join in!« or create a quiz with the entered name: »New Quiz«.

Now it is as simple as: Clicking. Looking. Quizzing.